5 Common Running Injuries + How to Fix Them


So you’ve decided that 2016 is your year to get into running. Go you!
But before you sign up for a
crazy creative race, make sure you’re properly suited
up  (hello,
DIY running belt!) and stretched. Injuries can sneak up on you if you’re
not careful. From coming out of the gate too hot to
choosing  the right sneakers,
we’ve broken down all the deets on five of the most common running injuries to
help you train hard and stay

    (  當你決定參加瘋狂的創意競賽,確保你正確地適用了  DIY跑步腰帶和伸展運動。


1. Shin Splints : These are every new runner’s nightmare. Typically seen in

who add on too much mileage too early in their training, shin splints

are most
commonly identified as tenderness along your shin bone.

They unfortunately account
for up to 16 percent of all injuries in runners.

The best fix is rest and ice. Back down
your mileage, look into purchasing

new shoes and consider adding in a day or two
of cross training to give your

bones (and muscles!) a chance to recover.

Dr. Josh Sandell, chief clinical officer of Orthology, INC suggests increasing

by 10 percent a week in order to reduce the risk for injury.


1. 脛前疼痛:(新跑者常見的噩夢。通常與早期過度訓練有關,最常見之處為沿脛骨

    柔軟處痛楚。 此佔跑步傷害高達16%。最好的解決辦法是休息和冰敷。

    返回適合里程數,考慮購買新鞋, 並給你的骨頭 (和肌肉!)一兩天不同運動


    Dr. Josh Sandell    建議每週增加10 %里程數以減 少受傷的風險。)

2. Stress Fractures: These real-deal tiny fractures in your bone are most  commonly

     found   in your, fibula or foot. A key sign to distinguish stress fractures from shin

     splints is the timing of your pain. If you’re experiencing discomfort in everyday

     life,      in addition to      your workouts, you may be dealing with a stress fracture.

     Unfortunately, the best recovery  for fractures is rest, and lots of it. Expect to be

    out  six to eight weeks and be ready to rock   a walking boot.

2.  應力性骨折:骨骼微小如實的裂縫在你的脛骨,腓骨或足部最常見。分辨脛前疼痛和

應力 性骨折的一個重要指標的關鍵是你所感受的痛苦。 如果你在日常生活中感到除了


是休息,而且是大量的休息。 預計要出六到八週,並準備專業步行靴。

3. Planter Fasciitis: Your planter fascia is a thick band of tissue on the bottom of

   your  foot that runs from your heel toband gets inflamed, sometimes due to  tight

   your toes. When this calf muscles or a high arch, runners can experience a stabbing

  pain on the bottom  of their foot, near their heel, while running. Try this trick: While

  standing,    massage your  foot on a tennis ball. This will help break up the

  inflammation and strengthen the tissue.

   If that doesn’t help, look into new running shoes, Dr. Sandell suggests, changing

    them  between 300-500 miles, or talk to your doctor about custom orthotics.


足弓 運作的重要支持。當此發炎,有時會因緊張的小腿肌肉或高弓,當跑者跑步時體驗到

腳的底部 刺痛。試試這招:當站立時,將你的腳放在一個網球上按摩。這將有助於消除了

炎症 和加強 組織。如果沒有幫助,Dr. Sandell 建議當跑到300-500英里之間就換新的

跑步鞋,和你的 醫生討論有關訂製矯正鞋墊。

4. Achilles Tendinitis :  Your Achilles is a large tendon that connects your two major

    calf  muscles.   When that tendon is overworked, usually with a sudden increase in

   activity or  because said calf  muscles are fatigued, runners can start to feel a stinging

   pain close to  their heel. Like with shin  splints, back off your training if you start to

   experience pain in     your Achilles. Ice regularly and   be sure to stretch your calf

   every day.

4. 跟腱炎:於小腿後側的肌腱是人體大的肌腱可連接您的兩個主要的小腿肌肉(腓腸肌)

  當肌腱過度使用,通常伴隨活動突然增加或因小腿肌肉疲勞, 跑者開始感受接近腳跟的

  地方 刺痛。如同脛骨,如果你的跟腱開始感受痛苦,放棄你的訓練。 經常冰鎮,並確保


* 跟腱炎較易發生在重複性跑跳動作的運動項目且腓腸肌柔軟度不足的運動員;較易發生




5.  Runner’s Knee:   With a name like runner’s knee, you know this one is

     common  amongst the crowd. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to

     runner’s knee   either.      Joggers can experience sharp and sudden or dull and

    daunting pain in   one or both knees,   but it typically always comes down to

    there    being too much   pressure on your kneecap.   Again, cut down on

    mileage, try to   stay on flat routes  and make sure you’re stretching  and

    strengthening your quads  and hamstrings     to help support the additional

    weight   placed on the kneecap.

   A lightweight band    can be worn under your kneecap to help reduce the stress. 


5. 跑步膝 (髕骨股骨疼痛症候群):一般常見廣泛性好發在人們身上的症狀,當談及此 也無何






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