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New EU regulations on herbal medicines come into force 2011 年 07 月 01 日

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By Dominic Hughes Health correspondent, BBC News


New regulations mean many herbal remedies will no longer be available over the counter


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New European Union rules have come into force banning hundreds of traditional herbal remedies.

The EU law aims to protect consumers from possible damaging side-effects of over-the-counter herbal medicines.


For the first time, new regulations will allow only long-established and quality-controlled medicines to be sold.


But both herbal remedy practitioners and manufacturers fear they could be forced out of business.

To date, the industry has been covered by the 1968 Medicines Act, drawn up when only a handful of herbal remedies were available and the number of herbal practitioners was very small.


But surveys show that about a quarter of all adults in the UK have used a herbal medicine in the past two years, mostly bought over the counter in health food shops and pharmacies.


The regulations will cover widely used products such as echinacea,St John’s Wort and valerian, as well as traditional Chinese and Indian medicines.



紫錐花 (Echinacea) 紫錐花屬紫苑家簇,生於北美草原地區。是極受歡迎的天然草藥。大量研究證實,紫錐花能增強及刺激人體免疫系統,有助消炎殺菌,抵抗病毒。對發燒、流感、過敏症、關節炎、喉嚨發炎等病症,紫錐花均能有預防及治療效用。

金絲桃 (St. John’s wort,學名 hypericum perforatum)。在歐洲用金絲桃來消除憂鬱已超過 15 年根據德國研究人員所進行的研究顯示, 全球目前最受歡迎的草藥之一 St John’s Wort (金絲桃科, 聖約翰草) 對於輕度到中度的憂鬱症的治療效果, 和常見的精神科處方藥 imipramine 效果幾乎一樣好, 而且臨床上面所見到的副作用更少過許。多學者認為, 雖然St John’s Wort 具有很好的療效, 它也會帶來白內障等等副作用

Valerian 纈草根是一種自然而且相當溫和的鎮定劑.纈草是一種長得高高的、似羊齒狀的植物,原產於歐洲,它的植物名稱為 Valerian Officinalis,L. 它是千餘年來的常用草藥,後來移植於中國而成為中藥,普通的中醫書裡不常見此藥。Valerian現在普遍地生長於中國各地及台灣、中國東北,稱它的土名為「媳婦菜」。在沒有發明現今的鎮靜劑或者安眠藥之前,它的根是幾千年來歐洲各國普遍使用解除不安的催眠草藥。現在的歐洲各國仍然盛用Valerian。

Herbal remedies that have been approved for sale under the new regulations will come with this logo 

  • 新規定已批准出售的草藥將貼以這個標誌But safety concerns have focused on the powerful effects of some herbal remedies, as well as the way they interact with conventional drugs.For example, St John’sWort can interfere with the contraceptive pill, while ginkgo and ginseng are known to have a similar effect to the blood-thinning drug warfarin.
  • 但安全問題主要集中在一些有強大影響的草藥,以及它們與傳統的藥物相互作用的方式。

    From now on only products that have been assessed by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) will be allowed to go on sale.

    Manufacturers will have to prove that their products have been made to strict  standards and contain a consistent and clearly marked dose.

    And to count as a traditional medicine, products must have been in use for the past 30 years, including 15 years within the EU.

    從現在開始只有被醫藥及保健產品監管署(英國 MHRA)評定的產品將被允許上市銷售。

    They will also only be approved for minor ailments like coughs and colds, muscular aches and pains, or sleep problems.

    Remedies already on sale will be allowed to stay on the shelves until they reach their expiry date.



    Free from contamination

    Richard Woodfield, head of herbal medicine policy at the MHRA, says so far there have been 211 applications, of which 105 have been granted registration.

    英國 MHRA草藥政策的主管理查德伍德菲爾德,聲稱,到目前為止,已有211份申請,其中105個已獲准註冊。

    We’re very concerned that patients appreciate they must be very careful when they take these medicines and ideally should talk to their doctor or pharmacist”

    End Quote Prof Jayne Lawrence Royal Pharmaceutical Society


    "Crucially, this EU directive and the registration scheme puts consumers in the driving seat so they can identify that a product meets assured standards on safety, quality and information about safe use.

    "Safety speaks for itself, but quality means, are they using the right part of the plant? Is it free from contamination? Is the claimed shelf life suitable?"Product information will include possible side effects and interactions with other drugs, but above all it must make very clear that it is based on traditional use." 


  • And that is a key point for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, which believes the new regime is a step forward in improving safety and quality.

    But Prof Jayne Lawrence, chief science adviser to the society, says there are still some concerns about herbal products.


    "They certainly haven’t been tested on the same basis as a conventional medicine and some of these compounds are very potent.

    他們確實不像傳統的藥物會在相同的標準下測試 有些複方效果是非常強效的

    "Patients might not realise that in some cases they should not take other medicines with them, or if they’re going for surgery they should tell their doctors they are taking these particular medicines because there may be complications.


    "So we’re very concerned that patients appreciate they must be very careful when they take these medicines and, ideally, should talk to their doctor or pharmacist."

    The manufacturers of herbal remedies have had seven years to prepare for the new rules after the European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products was introduced in 2004.


    歐洲自關於傳統草藥產品指示於 2004年推出後迄今,草藥的製造商有七年的時間準備適應此新的規則。

    Too onerous? 過於沉重?

    These regulations apply to over-the-counter sales, which form the bulk of herbal remedies sold in theUK.


    But some manufacturers and herbal practitioners have expressed concern, arguing the new rules are too onerous for many small producers.


    Michael McIntyre, chairman of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicines Practitioners Association, says there will be a significant impact on herbal medicine practitioners and their suppliers, but admits the rules do need bringing up to date.


    "Products that go on the market now will definitely do what it says on the bottle, while we didn’t know how good they were in the past.


    "But registration is expensive so perhaps there may be fewer products on the market and a smaller range.

    "It’s difficult to argue that the market should stay as it is, without any regulation, but how many businesses will pack up and walk away? I can’t say."

    A Department of Health spokesperson said: "We have swiftly introduced a system to register herbal practitioners using unlicensed herbal medicines, so consumers will be able to continue to use unlicensed herbal medicines if they wish."





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