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So you think you can design a logo? 2011 年 04 月 29 日

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It takes a rare skill to graphically boil down the ethos of an organisation – consider some of the finest attempts


文章來源 : guardian.co.uk, Monday 28 March 2011 09.00 BST

How many logos have you seen today? Perhaps you maintain a lofty disdain for such things, but logos are unavoidable and, in their own way, quite remarkable. With a few lines, a good logo can articulate the aims of a charity or symbolise a city.


Deutsche Bank. Designer: Anton Stankowski, 1974
德意志銀行。設計師:安東 斯坦科斯基,1974

Logos today get a pretty bad press: “How much? My 12-year-old could have done that." Often, that’s true, sort of. Take the Deutsche Bank logo. Created in 1974 by artist and designer Anton Stankowski, it consists of a blue box with an oblique line inside: that’s it. And yet it represents a multibillion-pound business. Any self-respecting pre-teen with a ruler and a felt tip could have made a decent stab at it, a fact not lost on German newspaper Bild Zeitung which, at the time of the logo’s launch, wrote a disbelieving story headlined “Artist gets 100,000 Marks for five lines" (he didn’t get that much, by the way).

標識現今有一個相當負面的評論:即“一個商標究竟價值多少?我12歲的孩子自己都已這麼做了。”通常,這有點是事實吧。以德意志銀行標誌。1974年由藝術家暨設計師安東斯坦科斯基創建,它是由一個藍色方框內有一條斜線組成:謹此而已。然而,它代表一個數十億英鎊的生意。任何有自尊心的十歲青少年用尺和簽字筆筆頭可以做出一像樣的嘗試,事實上在當時的標識推出時,德國報紙的圖畫報切確寫了不可置信的故事標題為:“藝術家只用五個線條即獲得10萬馬克 “(附帶一提,他沒有得到那麼多)。

And yet such graphic devices can attain enormous power. So what makes a successful one? Simplicity helps. The Deutsche Bank square is neat visual shorthand for the type of values you might want in a bank security (the square) and growth (the oblique line) – hopefully of your savings and not just the employees’ bonuses. But its real power comes from repetition. A line in a box could represent any bank, but repeat it often enough (with a few million in marketing spend behind it) and it comes to be associated with just one.

然而,這樣的圖像設計可以獲得的巨大力量。如何設計一個成功的式樣?簡潔的協助。德意志銀行方形標識具有調理簡潔的視覺表達出你可能希望銀行安全(廣場)和成長(斜線)的價值 -您的儲蓄充滿希望,且不僅只是員工的獎金。但其真正的動力來自於重複性。盒子裡的線條可以代表任何銀行,但重複常已足夠(後面有幾百萬元的營銷費用),且它只涉及一個相關聯。

Woolmark. Officially designed by Francesco Saroglia but often credited to Franco Grignani, 1964
A bit of visual trickery works too. Take the Woolmark, the Op Art-inspired skein devised for the International Wool Secretariat in 1964. It’s a beautiful, timeless symbol abstracted just enough. Or, also from 1964, the British Rail logo, known variously as “the crows’ feet", “the barbed wire" or “the arrows of indecision". It replaced the old “ferret and dartboard" crest that had been in use since 1956, sweeping away pseudo-heraldic flummery with a bold modernism that promised a new “Age of the Train".

有點像視覺弄虛作假的作品。國際羊毛局於 1964年以歐普藝術靈感設計了絞紗毛線式樣的羊毛標誌。這是一個美麗的,適用的永恆抽象象徵。或者,從 1964年,英國鐵路的標誌,也被稱為“烏鴉的腳”,“鐵絲刺網”或“優柔寡斷的箭” 等多種名稱而聞名。它取代了自1956年以來一直在使用舊的“雪貂和飛鏢”的飾章,以’一個大膽的現代主義一掃偽紋章,承諾新的“時代列車”。

Logos can also be friendly, lovable even. Bibendum, aka the Michelin Man, first appeared in 1898. Legend has it that the Michelin brothers, Edward and André, were visiting the Lyon Universal Exhibition in 1894 when Edward noticed a pile of tyres on the company stand and declared “with arms, it would make a man". Compared with the grinning character that we are accustomed to, early versions depict an almost sinister figure, bespectacled and chomping permanently on a cigar. For a while, he was even known as the “road drunkard".

圖案也可呈現友善,甚至可愛。必比登,又名米其林輪胎人,最早出現於 1898年。傳說中,米其林兄弟,愛德華和安德烈,在1894年參觀里昂世界博覽會時,愛德華發現了一堆輪胎在公司的展位上,並宣稱“若有了手,它就便成一個人”。相較於現今我們習慣的齜牙咧嘴的笑臉象徵,,早期版本描繪幾近險惡的人物,戴著眼鏡和長期嚼帶著支雪茄。有一陣子,他甚至被稱為“馬路酒鬼”。

Michelin. Designer: O’Galop (Marius Rossillon), 1898
米其林。設計師:奧加羅普(馬呂斯 Rossillon),1898

Few logos today match the charm of a Bibendum or the simplicity of a Woolmark. Overcomplicated and overdesigned, they are the victims of endless research and managerial dithering, setting costs spiralling. But to take the ethos of an organisation and successfully boil it down into a simple mark takes rare skill. Think of the WWF Panda, the London Underground roundel or the Rolling Stones tongue. Logos carry the can for capitalism’s excesses but can also be adored elements of our visual culture.





G20 agrees guidelines to measure economic imbalances 2011 年 04 月 24 日

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15 April 2011French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde (r) chaired the meeting

2011年4/15最後更新於格林威治時間 22:08


Finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 have agreed a set of “indicative guidelines" to measure potential risks to the global economy posed by national economic policies.


All members of the G20 will be monitored under the new system.

In addition, members who account for more than 5% of total G20 economic output will be subject to a deeper, second-stage analysis of imbalances.


They include the US, China, Japan, Germany and France.


This is to “reflect the greater potential for spillover effects from larger economies", the group said.
The G20 did not formally name the countries this would apply to but French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said that France would be one of seven in total to face higher scrutiny.
The group was meeting in Washington, ahead of the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
The G20 accounts for 85% of global output and is now the main forum for trying to reform the world’s financial system.



Addressing imbalances

Many economists believe that global imbalances contributed to the recent financial crisis.


“Start Quote“開始引述”

The guidelines operate a little bit like a net which actually holds those of the countries that violate or do not respect the guidelines”
End Quote Christine Lagarde French Finance Minister

結束引用 法國財長拉加德

Emerging market countries reinvested their surpluses in Western markets, causing banks to take excessive risks, so the argument goes.
Finance ministers agree that they must find a solution to these kind of imbalances.
But countries disagree over how quickly they need to act.
China recognises that it must open its economy and allow its currency, the yuan, to get stronger, but it wants to do it at its own pace.
The US, on the other hand, wants to see this happen much faster.


Monitoring methods
After its last meeting in February, the group reached a deal on indicators to detect the economic imbalances.
The Washington deal on measurement applies to these indicators, which include public debts and deficits, and private debt levels and savings rates.



In its latest communique, the G20 said its monitoring would use four approaches:
•estimating what a country’s imbalances should look like using economic models specific to that country
•looking at a country’s imbalances in terms of their national historical trends
•comparing a country’s imbalances with groups of similar countries
•comparing a country’s imbalances with the full G20.
The last three approaches will use statistics from 1990 to 2004 “as this is the period that preceded the large build-up in external imbalances", the communique said.



官方表示 後三種將使用90年至04年統計數據,因為這一時期先前大量集結在外部失衡。

Watch: European policy makers ‘too complacent’ over economic recovery

“Those countries identified by at least two of the four approaches as having persistently large imbalances will be assessed in-depth to determine in a second step the nature and root causes of their imbalances and to identify impediments to adjustment," the group said.


The second step of assessment would be carried out independently by the IMF.
“The guidelines operate a little bit like a net which actually holds those of the countries that violate or do not respect the guidelines," said Ms Lagarde, who chaired the meeting as France currently holds the presidency of the G20.
“And the net is a little bit tighter for those countries that are considered of systemic importance because they represent more than 5% of the GDP [gross domestic product] of the G20."
However, the group made no mention of any “name and shame" list which would identify those members in the most risky positions.


法國現任主席擔任G20組織的會議主持 拉加德女士說:“指引操作有點像是能實際掌握那些違反或不遵守的準則的國家的一個網絡”。

“這些國家被認為具系統性的重要性,因為它們象徵代表G20超過 5%的國內生產總值 [國內生產總值] 因此網絡是有點嚴密。”

‘No complacency’
Although the global economy appears to be on the path to recovery, the meeting took place at a time when plenty of threats to growth remain.
Among the challenges are unrest in the Middle East, high oil prices, continued inflation in China and debt problems in Europe.
The head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss Kahn, told the BBC that some policy makers thought “the crisis was behind us" and this was “the wrong attitude".
In Europe, he said, there was no room for complacency regarding high levels of debt.
“A lot more has to be done by the Europeans to fix the [debt] problem," he said


國際貨幣基金組織的負責人,多明尼加斯特勞斯卡恩告訴 BBC說,一些政策制定者認為“危機隨後將至”,並說這是“錯誤的態度。”
並說“還有很多工作要由歐洲人來做以解決 [債務]問題”。



設計的公共服務 案例研討(一&二) 2011 年 04 月 15 日

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Case study 案例研討

London Borough of Lewisham

“Design will be integrated into our methodology as another tool for transformation… Things like prototyping transform how we work. It‟s not just about jumping to a pilot phase. We can refine things to make sure it‟s right before we start investing.”

Lindsey Craig, London Borough of Lewisham Policy and Strategy Officer


倫敦路易森行政區政策與戰略官員林賽克雷格 表示

Transforming a support service so it better meets customer needs

Lewisham‟s emergency housing service is very busy and the people using the service can‟t always find out whether or not they are entitled to support quickly and easily enough.


Public Services by Design partnered frontline staff from the Housing Options Centre and service managers Lewisham‟s policy, strategy and transformation department with a Design Associate.

Expert design mentoring

Design Associate Sean Miller has helped Lewisham staff to begin using design thinking and techniques to analyse their current service and create ways to improve it.


To start with, Sean ran workshops with staff to identify the types of people who use emergency housing services in Lewisham.

開始 西恩和員工組成一個專題研討會以辨識路易森人們使用應急庇護服務的類型。

Design techniques bring tangible outcomes


Staff were shown how to use design techniques,such as brainstorming, visualisation, prototyping and ethnography (where they used video to observe people using the service) to really understand their customers.

員工會展示如何運用設計技術 例如腦力激盪,想像,形塑樣本,歷史史料(一種他們使用錄影帶去觀察人們如何使用服務)以更了解他們的顧客。

Lindsey Craig, London Borough of Lewisham Policy and Strategy Officer, says there is a lasting design legacy in Lewisham.


„Design will be integrated into our methodology as another tool for transformation.


Sketching is a great engagement tool, it gives everyone a chance to have their say and using film has helped us change our culturearound being more customer focused.

擬定大綱是一個很棒的約束的工具 它可以給每個人一個機會去擁有經驗並藉使用影片幫助我們改變我們周邊僵硬的文化。

The design approach has certainly got us much more buy-in from staff.

Things like prototyping transform how we work. It‟s not just about jumping to a pilot phase.We can refine things to make sure it‟s right before we start investing.

‟ 事件就像形塑標準以轉移我們的作業。這並不僅止是躍入領導的形勢,我們可以使我們投資前確認這是對的。www.designcouncil.org.uk/publicsector

During brainstorming, 100 ideas were generated. With Miller‟s help, staff refined this list down to four key opportunities to test out.


Right first time:
A project to improve the first interaction customers have with the service by ensuring staff know what questions to ask and what information to give


What next doc?: Information design prototypes to help housing advisors explain to customers what happens after their first interview


Fact sheets:
Clearly and accurately presenting details of the housing options service in a series of fact sheets


Showing customers what to expect while they wait to see an advisor by illustrating various scenarios and placing story boards around the reception area
„The idea that‟s moved on furthest is the one around storyboards,‟ says Craig. „We have commissioned cartoonists Cognitive Media to create cartoon-style storyboards on four topics that are key to how we run the service at the minute. They were about things like our rent incentive scheme, mortgage rescue and 16-17 year-olds using the centre. We wanted to make them really informative. We needed them to get some
key messages across too, like the fact that you can‟t just use the service to get a council house.‟

4. 事件示範看板
的四個標題去創作卡通形式的故事版。 這就像是我們另種鼓勵方案,去致力維護16-17歲的人使用本中心。我們希望他們真的是有效益的。我們也希望他們真的能獲得關鍵訊息以幫助他們過渡現況。就像事實是你不能只是使用公眾服務就佔有會議場。

The impact of design
— £7,000 spent on design
— £386,000 projected efficiency savings


A year on, staff morale has improved, staff absence levels have reduced, money has been saved and customers are enjoying using a more efficient and appealing housing options service in Lewisham.

在路易森持續施行一年,已增進員工的士氣並降低其缺席水準,節省經費金錢 顧客很喜歡使用更具效率且具吸引的庇護選項。

Peter Gadsdon, London Borough of Lewisham Head of Strategy and Performance says „at a strategic level I think design can be helpful to a council, or the public sector, and at a practical level with the staff, it also is very useful in empowering them to make changes to the way they work.‟


It is anticipated that the changes brought about by the Public Services by Design programme will deliver £368,000 efficiency savings per year.


Gadsdon says this is down to how the staff and customers were engaged in the design process and how Design Associate Sean Miller and design agencies think public and Cognitive Media have engaged the staff and taught them to use design techniques and manage design projects.


Craig says:
„Public Services by Design has opened our eyes to how to try and do things in a quick way. We have now established a working group with design at the heart. To make the design approach sustainable and not just a one-off we want to involve a rolling selection of staff who deliver the housing service in looking for new ideas to improve it. Design may seem an upfront cost, but if you engage with it and work with people who do it well, you develop lasting skills to take forward in to other projects.

克雷格說 設計的公眾服務已打開我們如何以更快的方式去嘗試和完成事情的視野。我們現在已經可以衷心的運用設計建立工作團隊。我們讓設計更接近舒適且並不僅限只使用一次,我們想要參予職員運行的選擇使其能傳遞庇護服務尋找新的點子以改進它。設計看來可能是首要的選擇。但如果你涉入且與做的很棒的人共事,你將延續發揮的技巧並能繼續以此方式投入他項計畫。

“When you think of design you think about plastic cups, shapes of chairs or the next big innovation – however design in public services is more than that. Design provided a dialogue to shape social policy and to interact and engage with customers and staff to deliver change.”
Peter Gadsdon,
Lewisham’s Head of Strategy and Performance http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/publicsector

當你想到設計你想到塑膠杯 椅子的形狀或下個巨大的創新 然而設計在公眾服務並不僅止於此。設計提供一種對話去形塑社會政策去交互影響 並與顧客和員工保證以傳遞變革。

Lewisham’s Head of Strategy and Performance http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/publicsector

Case study 案例研討二

North East Improvement & Efficiency Partnership

“Using the design approach has meant that we‟ve really listened to what our customers have had to say and we‟ve tried to come up with some solutions that are actually focused around what they want, not around what we think they need."

運用設計研究意味著我們真能傾聽顧客的心聲 並且使我們積極尋求他們所需的解決之道,而不是只有我們臆測他們想要的。

Coral Hanson, Health and Fitness Manager, Northumberland County Council

諾森柏蘭郡議會 健康暨健身經理 卡羅 海森 表示

Encouraging the over 50s to use services that will help them live independent lives

Adult social care faces considerable challenges in the 21st century as more people live longer. By 2022, 20% of the population will be aged over 65 and by 2027 there will be a 60% increase in the number of people aged over 85.

因人們壽命延長日趨增加,熟齡社會照護在21世紀面對更嚴峻的挑戰。至2022年 20%的人口會超過65歲,至2027年,超過85歲的人口數將會增加65%。

Adult social care project 成人社會照護計畫

The North East Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (NE IEP) is a government-funded programme that works with local authorities and their partners helping them to improve services and make efficiency savings.

東北促進及效率合作方案(NE IEP) 是一個政府與地方當局和同伴的資助計畫以共同幫助提升服務並樽節開支。

They needed to improve people‟s quality of life in the region whilst reducing spend on health and adult social care services. So they set up the „What Supports Independent Living project‟ to explore how they could encourage older people to use services that will support them to live independent lives whilst protecting front line services.


The focus is on service provision to promote physical activity in later life, such as sport and leisure facilities and informative websites, that will prevent the over 50s from becoming increasingly dependent on front-line health and social care intervention.


The NE IEP hope that through the What Supports Independent Living Project they can quickly identify and implement some low-cost practical actions in the region to promote the types of services which will be readily adopted by the target user group.

東北促進及效率合作(NE IEP) 希望透過”什麼是獨立生活計畫”中他們可以很快的在地區中證明和執行低成本的實際行動以在目標使用群裡推展可以使他們快速適應的服務類型。

Design opportunities 設計機會

The NE IEP realised that to overcome these challenges they needed to look at new and different ways of doing things. In the current climate, with people expecting personalised, on-demand services, they thought a design approach could help.

東北促進及效率合作(NE IEP)實現克服需關注以新的不同方式做事的挑戰。

„I would describe design as an inclusive process. It‟s a set of systems and tools and a philosophy that really helps to open up creativity, and helps you to look at things from a completely different perspective.‟

我將描述設計如同一個過程。他是一個制度和工具並是個能幫助開拓創意的哲學 使你從不同的觀點完整的看待事件。

Zoe Campbell, Project Manager, Adult Social Care Programme, NE IEP
NE IEP成人社會照護計畫的經理人Zoe Campbell 表示。

The Design Council‟s Public Services by Design programme appointed Design Associate, Colin Burns, as their mentor for the duration of the programme.

設計協會的公共服務的設計計劃指派設計聯會 Colin Burns 做為計畫期間的指導顧問。

„I thought Colin was great. He was really very challenging because he was quite different to the way that we‟d worked before and because his perceptions of ideas were maybe more creative and he didn‟t necessarily come to the same conclusions that we came to. So, it allowed us to think differently.‟ Coral Hanson, Health and Fitness Manager, Northumberland County Council

我認為Colin很棒。他很具挑戰性因為他以我們以前很不一樣的工作形式及因為他對理念的理解是更具創造性 他不需要得出如同我們做的結論。所以允許我們另類思考。
諾森柏蘭郡議會 健康暨健身經理 卡羅 海森 表示

Burns helped them understand how design techniques could improve existing services. Ideas were distilled into some potential design opportunities the NE IEP could pursue.

Burns幫助他們了解設計工具如何能改善已有的設施。點子將萃煉NE IEP能執行的一些設計潛能的機會。

They included: 他們總結:

— Commissioning a service design agency to better understand customers
— Designing an internal communications campaign to share best practice across the region
— Providing a way for staff to quickly try out and test their improvement ideas through prototyping

— 委任設計代理服務可更了解顧客。
— 設計是一個內部溝通活動,以分享整個地區的最佳實踐。
— 提供一個方式讓職員很快的試驗和測試標準的改進點子。

Burns helped the NE RIEP commission design research agency, Options UK, to try and identify what was stopping older people from using services such as health and leisure facilities. Options UK also explored what the successful services were doing right so they could be used as best practice examples.

伯恩斯幫助NE RIEP委託設計研究代辦處,英國商辦,試圖確定什麼造成老年人停止使用如健康和休閒設施的服務。英國商辦還探索什麼是做的最好,最成功的服務,使他們可作為最佳練習範例。
“In terms of sport and leisure we found that the biggest barrier preventing people from accessing that service was confidence. People weren‟t comfortable in the sport and leisure centre environment.” Lucy Denham, Senior Service Designer, Options UK

“就運動與休閒方面來說,我們發現,阻止人們接受服務最大的障礙是自信。人們對運動和休閒中心的環境感覺不適。”英國商辦高級服務設計師露西德納姆 表示 。

Options UK worked with communities to try and better understand why these types of barriers existed. They then came up with ideas, co-creating them with the people using the service and with staff from the NE IEP, to make it easier and more desirable for people to access the service.

英國商辦與社區合作,試圖更好地理解為什麼這些類型的障礙會存在。然後,他們想出了辦法,他們與使用者並和來自東北的NE IEP 的工作人員共同創造服務,使來接受設備之使用者更容易使用且更合意提供的服務。

Burns and Options UK helped the NE IEP try out some of those ideas in a rapid way, mocking things up and testing them for half a day or sometimes a week, to see if they would improve the number of people accessing the services.

伯恩斯和英國商辦幫助 NE IEP 用快速的方式嘗試其中的一些看法,實體將事情做出模型並用有時半天,有時一個星期的時間測試它們的東西,看看他們是否會提高使用服務的人數。

According to Campbell, traditionally they had to have a lot of evidence in order to test out ideas, so prototyping was a new concept for the NE IEP team and something they initially struggled with. But now they have found prototyping to be one of the most successful design tools they implemented. “Rather than invest a great deal of resources, time and energy into something to then find out that it doesn‟t work, we‟ve trialled something really quickly on the spot.“ says Campbell.

據坎貝爾表示,傳統上他們必須有大量的證據,以便測試出想法,所以形塑模型是the NE IEP團隊一個新的概念也是他們最初的努力目標。但現在,他們已經找到模型塑造是一個他們可以實施最成功的設計工具,。坎貝爾說:“與投入大量的資源,時間和精力到某件事,然後卻發現它無法使用之下,我們已可以很快的在現場做些運作測試”。

The impact of design設計的影響
Interest in the design approach and in involving service users in problem solving and developing the role of health trainers, helped the team attract a further £20,000 to support the project.


Independent evaluation shows that the What Supports Independent Living project can expect to see efficiency gains of £1,539,500 as a direct result of using a design approach for service improvement.

Campbell says: 坎貝爾說:

„Working with the Design Council has definitely given us the confidence to know how to use design tools ourselves internally, but also how we would go about procuring and getting the services of design experts to work with us. The involvement with the Design Council has allowed the What Supports Independent Living Project to go to new places that it wasn‟t going to in the first instance. And it certainly has fired up the people that were involved in it to look at the design of services in a whole new way.‟


Become part of the next cohort 成為團隊的一份子
Who should apply? 誰需申請 ?

Places on the programme are open to public sector organisations that are committed to transforming their services and looking to do things differently to achieve this. It is of particular value to organisations delivering services that need to be more customer-focused.


Public Services by Design works well for organisations who are in a multi-agency partnership such as place based initiatives, as well as other organisations like Local Authorities. To date we have worked with clients across a wide range of services including homelessness, NEETS, adult health and well-being, young offenders, children’s health, and business services.


To determine if you‟re the type of organisation who would benefit from design mentoring, we‟ve got a handy checklist. Have you identified a specific project that could benefit from a design approach?


Do you have clear project objectives?

Are you committed to the scheme in terms of time, resources and senior level engagement?

Do you have a desire to provide services which are more customer focused?


Public Services by Design 2011 年 04 月 02 日

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Transforming services
through expert mentoring


About Public Services by Design

The Design Council has over 65 years experience in using design to better society and the economy. We run a successful mentoring and coaching programme for public sector professionals, enabling them to innovate and deliver customer focused services.


Increasing customer demands and severe cut backs in funding and resources is placing immense pressure on the public sector. We need to look at new ways to solve complex service issues by thinking differently.
Public Services by Design uses experienced design mentors to transfer valuable skills, bring fresh insight and draw upon a collection of design tools to challenge thinking, provide direction and find new ways to tackle current problems.


This programme is supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The benefits 利益

— Meet customer expectations – design techniques play a critical role in identifying people‟s needs and understanding their behaviour. This programme will help you gain crucial insights into your customers so you can deliver services more effectively.

迎合顧客的期望 – 設計技術在辨識人們的需求並了解他們的行為扮演一關鍵角色,這個計畫會幫助你獲得對客戶關鍵性的洞察力,所以你會更有效率傳遞服務。

— Manage risk – rarely do people get something right the first time. It‟s best to test out new ideas on a small scale to ensure you allocate money effectively. Design techniques will help you to test and refine ideas quickly and cheaply before large scale investment is made.

危險管理 —確使人們在初次就將事情做好。在小範圍試行運作以更有效分配經費。設計技術將幫助你很快的測試並快速提升思想力使大型的投資決策決定前更具經濟效應

Achieve value for money and efficiency – design research methods reveal inefficiencies and barriers to service use, helping to target resources in the most efficient way. At the heart of this is about making services more attractive to the people that use them, as well as achieving better value for money for the taxpayer. It is estimated that for every £1 spent through this programme, £26 has been saved.

經費成就價值和效益 — 當設計方法對服務使用上顯示無效率和阻礙,幫助目的資源以最有效率的方式使用,就如善用納稅人的資金使其更具價值性。藉由這樣的計畫估計每花一英鎊的金錢可節省26英鎊的效益。

In addition, by going through the programme you will also get the opportunity to:
— share best practice and experiences with your Public Services by Design cohort
— be seen as an exemplar in public sector innovation
— be featured as a best practice story in Design Council media communications

— 在公眾部門的創新如同典範被看見
— 在設計協會的媒體通訊中做最佳的示範號召劇作
Ww w.designcouncil.org.uk/publicsector

How it works

“The Design Council has definitely given us the confidence to know how to use design tools ourselves internally, but also how we would go about procuring and getting the services of design experts to work with us.” Zoe Campbell, North East Improvement and Efficiency Partnership

設計協會很明確的給我們證據去了解我們如何使用自己內部的設計工具,且也將如何去實現和獲得設計專家的服務以與我們共事。東北進步和效率的夥伴”若依 康貝爾” 如是說

Public Services by Design will build your knowledge, skills and confidence so you can deliver projects that will transform your service. Practical experience based learning will equip you with the tools needed to deliver change.


You’ll be assigned a Design Associate who show you how a design-led approach will help you deliver more efficiently and effectively on current projects. They’ll work with you for the duration of your project. You‟ll learn how to frame problems and manage issues, identify opportunities and lead your own design projects through practical experiences.


Who are the Design Associates? Our Design Associates are some of the best design managers in the UK and have led innovative projects with companies such as Virgin Atlantic, Habitat, Marks & Spencer, The Science Museum, Tate Galleries, Motorola and Sainsbury‟s. They‟ve also been helping public sector clients such as homelessness services, young offender institutions, children‟s services, place based projects and local authorities to drive forward service improvements.


The Team
Public Services by Design cuts through service silos and hierarchies within organisations, from Heads of Service to frontline staff, enabling the whole project team to develop new skills, improve performance and learn new techniques and tools to approach service improvement.


All applications need to be supported by a core team of a Project Manager and Project Sponsor.
The Project Manager will work with our Design Associates and be responsible for shaping the project and keeping the team motivated throughout the process. It is expected that they will be able to make key decisions, including final sign off and responsibility for budgets. The Project Sponsor is normally at Chief Executive or Head of Service level of seniority. Their sponsorship and support of the project is essential to enable transformation to take place.

The process from start to finish
Design mentoring takes place over a period of six to ten months.

A Project Manager from your organisation will be needed to commit to at least eight sessions during this time to oversee the delivery of tangible design projects, with other members of your team, key internal stakeholders and suppliers being engaged in workshops, with the Design Associate and with the final design project where appropriate. Your appointed Project Manager will be responsible for shaping the project and keeping the team motivated throughout the process. It is expected that they will be able to make key decisions, and take responsibility for budgets and final sign off.


You will need to appoint a Project Sponsor to commit at least three days over the same period to be accountable for the progress of the project. A Project Sponsor is often a Chief Executive or Head of Service. Their sponsorship and support of the project is important to enable possible transformation to take place.


Ongoing mentoring support 顧問支援進程

Procure Creative resources 獲得創作資源
Identify challenges 辨識挑戰
Align team 集結團隊
Frame opportunities 架構機會
Get it done 完成計畫

Throughout the process and once it is finished, you will get the opportunity to network with your cohort, sharing best practice and experiences. This Alumni group will also give you access to designers and Design Associates that have worked on Public Services by Design.


http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/publicsector http://www.designcouncil.org.uk/publicsector