Why the arts are essential to science and innovation

Mark Brown Tuesday 22 February 2011 guardian.co.uk


There is compelling evidence that the arts help make our scientists and engineers more inventive


I mentioned in a post at the weekend that a mere 20% of FTSE 100 companies give something back to society by investing in the arts, despite their eye-spinning profit margins.

我提到上週末金融時報公布的訊息,富時指數100中的公司汲汲著眼於利潤率,僅僅 20%的企業藉由投資藝術回饋社會。

So it was interesting to read this on the Psychology Today website. It’s well worth reading in full. Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein from Michigan state university make a compelling case as to the essential value of the arts on scientific innovation.


They quote the president and CEO of Boeing, W James McNerney, who said this:
“The arts inspire innovation by leading us to open our minds and think in new ways about our lives – including the work we do, the way we work, and the customers we serve."

“藝術激勵創新以領導我們對我們的生活 開放思想及創新思維方式- 包括我們的工作,我們的工作方式,以及我們的客戶服務。”

The chairman and CEO of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company, Randall L Tobias, said this:
“The arts foster creativity and creativity is central to our business strategy… Indeed, we believe there is a strong link between the creativity nurtured by the arts and scientific creativity."

製藥巨頭禮來公司主席及行政總裁的,蘭德爾 L托比亞斯,這樣說:
“藝術培養創造力而創造性是我們的核心業務戰略 …事實上,藉由藝術和科學的創造力,我們相信創造力培育之間有很強的的聯繫。”

The authors contacted scientists and engineers who graduated from MSU between 1990 and 1995 and write:
“The data our scientists and engineers provided to us demonstrates that the more arts and crafts a person masters, the greater their probability of becoming an inventor or innovator."


They conclude:
“Hobble the arts and crafts and you hobble innovation. Hobble innovation and our economy will suffer. Conversely, invest in arts and crafts and every dollar will stimulate the economy not only today, but through innovation a host of tomorrows."





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