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The environmental cost of coffee to go 2011 年 03 月 04 日

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Sheila Hayman Thursday 18 November 2010

Costa Coffee alone uses more than 100m disposable coffee cups a year – it’s enough to keep you awake at night

咖世家連鎖咖啡店一年使用超過 1億杯拋棄式外帶咖啡杯,這數據足以讓你無法成眠

Does anything symbolise the throwawayculture better than coffee chains? Every one is piled high with by-products of a culture which in the past 10 years has gone from thinking that a cup of coffee is best enjoyed sitting down, in a break from a busy day, to one where if you’re not constantly rushing, you may get to work to find your desk gone. Gone are the thick white mugs, washed and reused until they broke. Instead, we’ve a vast new industry of disposables for coffee on the go.

有任何文化象徵顯示用過即拋的喝咖啡文化比咖啡連鎖店更好嗎?在過去 10年每個人心中充斥了文化附帶產生的結果認為享受一杯咖啡最好的方式是坐下來,在繁忙的一天休息片刻,或到一個你不需奔波的地方享受,但這樣的想法已經消失了。 因為如此這樣的話回到工作崗位時可能發現辦公桌不見了。清洗厚厚的白色杯子並重複使用,直到他們破了為止,已不再適用。相反,我們已在一個龐大的新產業之中—就是 — 咖啡外帶。

Costa Coffee alone uses more than 100m disposable coffee cups a year. Add to that Starbucks, Caffè Nero, Pret A Manger and Eat, and you get something approaching 500m paper cups and a billion napkins, plus plastic knives, spoons, sandwich boxes and cute little granola pots to get rid of, just in the UK, every year.

單是咖世家連鎖店一年即使用超過1億個外帶拋棄式咖啡杯。再加上星巴克咖啡連鎖店 Nero Caffe , Pret A Manger,Eat等連鎖店 ,每年在英國,就得到將近 5億個紙杯和一億份餐巾紙,加上塑料刀,湯匙,三明治盒和可愛的小燕麥盆被拋棄。

There are no regulations determining what materials they use or how they dispose of any of it. So they do what they like – which turns out to wildly. One reason may be that three different government departments are in charge of waste management. The communities secretary is responsible for local rubbish collection via the councils, the environment secretary for waste policy and recycling targets, and the energy and climate change secretary the aspect of, well, tackling climate change. Wrap, the waste-management quango, sits in the middle, saying it has “no current plans" to tackle this.

沒有任何規範可確定他們使用了什麼材料或如何處置拋棄物。因此,他們隨心所欲 – 結果演變成失控。其中一個原因可能是有三個不同的政府部門負責監督廢物管理。英國社區幹事負責經由議會收集當地的垃圾,環境局局長對再造廢物的政策,資源回收目標以及能源和氣候變化方面的守護,以應對氣候變遷。Wrap,廢物管理半官方機構,處在中間,聲稱“目前沒有現行計劃”以扭轉這個問題。

When I asked the five major chains about their recycling policies, Eat wouldn’t give any information. Starbucks said: “We’re aiming to make our cups recyclable by 2015." Its salad containers are biodegradable and its sandwich containers, being a sandwich themselves of paper and film, are only recyclable once they’re ripped apart. You don’t see many people doing that.


Costa’s cardboard cups can’t be recycled, because although the cardboard is recyclable, the ink and the glue aren’t. So it’s planning to use vegetable ink and degradable glue on its cups.


But even if everything was recyclable, where are the bins? Pret is the only major chain that offers customer recycling, but then it doesn’t give you the choice of a proper cup. Costa is “finalising plans to run trials of recycling bins.

但是,即使一切都可回收,垃圾箱在哪裡呢? Pret是唯一為客戶提供回收的主要回收店,,但隨後不給你選擇適當的杯子。咖世家“正完成計畫以試驗運作”資源回收箱。

Caffé Nero does the recycling for its customers. It recycles or recovers everything it clears off the tables, at least in greater London, and about 60% in the rest of the country. Both Pret and Caffé Nero say they’re aiming for zero landfill in the next few years.

Caffe Nero連鎖店為客戶做資源回收。至少在大倫敦和其餘約 60%的鄉鎮,它回收或者恢復清理桌子的一切。連鎖店 Caffe Nero和Pret表示,在未來數年他們致力於零廢物填埋。

Of course the real point of a takeaway cup is to take it away, so we need the bins in the street, not in the store. And we probably need half a dozen separate bins, until the ink, the glue, the cling film and the cardboard are standardised. Don’t hold your breath.

當然,真正的問題的一個外賣杯就是把它拿走,所以我們需要在街頭設立垃圾箱,而不是在商店。而我們也許需要半打分類的垃圾桶,直到墨水,膠水,保鮮膜和紙板已標準化。別 緊張。

Although you can hide the cups, ignore them or attempt to leave them behind, you can’t really throw them away because there is, as the poster tells us, no “away". Instead, why not do without the paper cup and give yourself a few precious minutes to daydream in a cafe?

雖然您可以隱藏杯子,忽略它們或留待後續處理,但仍不能真正把它們捨棄,因為,正如海報告訴我們,沒有“離開”。取而代之,為什麼不在珍貴的咖啡館坐坐 給自己享受幾分鐘的白日夢,而沒有紙杯?

文章來源: guardian.co.uk

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