Singing helps special needs pupils in UK


Singing helps special needs pupils in UK

在英國 , 歌唱幫助有特殊需求的未成年學生

By Sarah Jewell
Saturday, Mar 06, 2010, Page 9


Singing helps children outside mainstream education to develop, become more confident and integrate with their peers, says a new study from the national singing program for England and Wales called Sing Up. The report, “Beyond the Mainstream,” is a comprehensive assessment of the success of their 14 pilot programs across the two countries that were designed to reach more than 800 children with different needs who are schooled outside of mainstream primaries.


一項來自英格蘭和威爾士稱為開懷高歌的國際歌唱計畫最新的研究顯示 , 唱歌能幫助兒童發展主流以外的教育, 使其更加自信地融入他們的同儕團體。 超越主流的報告,他們的14個領航計劃是一個橫跨兩個國家成功的綜合性評估,被設計的目的是觸及超過 800多名受過主流之外的基礎教育訓練之不同需求的兒童。

These children included those with special educational needs, children who attend short stay schools, looked- after children, refugees and asylum seekers, young carers, children with physical disabilities and children with emotional and behavioral difficulties and mental health problems. The projects ranged from the Sound Minds “Songs from the South” project, which worked with children with mental health problems, to the Plymouth Music Zone project for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities in the southwest of England, which used vocal looping technology to help engage with children who were unable to use their voices.

這些兒童包括那些需要特殊教育的兒童,參加短期進修學校,兒童看顧,避難所和精神尋求庇護者,年輕的照顧者,身體殘疾的兒童和有情緒與行為困難及心理疾患的兒童。這些計畫的範圍從曾與心理疾患的兒童工作之 聲音心智 南方之歌計畫,到英格蘭西南部為重度多重學習障礙的兒童提供的普利茅斯音樂地帶計畫,它使用聲帶循環技術幫助吸引那些無法使用自己聲音的兒童。

The feedback was very positive and researchers found the various projects helped children with their self-confidence and self-esteem, sense of achievement and also their social interactions. Singing also acted as a leveler, helping the children to mix with their peers in mainstream schools.


“It was good to work with the mainstream primary as our children were given a huge confidence boost by discovering they were just as capable as their mainstream peers,” one project leader who worked with children about to enter the education system for the first time said.

一位與初次將進入教育體系的兒童共處的計畫領導者說:  當我們計畫中的兒童藉此發現他們正如主流團體一樣有能力時,其信心增強,隨同初級主流體系共事真的很好。

Some children said they now felt “confident to stand up and sing a solo” and “proud of their final performance,” while their teachers noticed that the children were growing more confident as a whole and that this was helping them to integrate with other children, as well as be clearer and more confident in stating their own needs.

有些孩子說,他們現在覺得 能自信自立並獨唱 對最終表現感到自豪,而他們的老師發現,總體上孩子們變得越來越有信心,這是幫助他們融入其他兒童,除此之外能更清楚和更有信心地指出自己的需要。

Singing in groups also helped children who found it difficult to socialize or make new friends, by giving them a focus and encouraging them to work together in a non-threatening environment. As part of the “Songs from the South” project, they found that one child who had not had any previous significant peer relationships developed a “joking relationship” with two other young people. This was a considerable achievement for this child and the project had other similar success stories.


There was also an improved attitude to learning — 13 out of 14 projects, for example, said children’s concentration had become “better” or “much better.”

也有用改進態度來學習 舉例說 : 14個計畫當中有13個顯示,孩子們的專注力變得很好或更好。

Many projects saw children showing a marked improvement in musical and vocal language and technique. This was not only useful for children as a skill and a link into the mainstream curriculum, but it also helped to foster a sense of pride and achievement, a sense that they had become “good at something” and were recognized for that.


許多計劃可看見兒童在音樂和聲樂語言及技術上有顯著的改善。對孩子來說這不僅有益於被當成一種技能並對銜接進入主流課程有用處,它也有助於樹立自豪和成就感,從某種意義上說,他們已成為並被確認的確是  善於事

In almost all of the projects, the partnerships were key to their success.

“The pilots have shown us that solid partnerships that focus on the different organizations and individuals involved in a child’s life are the lifeblood of successful outcomes for children outside mainstream education,” Baz Chapman, Sing Up program director, said.

開懷高歌的計畫主持人巴茲查普曼說: “ 領航者已告訴我們,側重於不同的組織和個體參與孩童生活的穩固夥伴關係,是主流教育以外的兒童成功果實的命脈,

Good training is essential to make these partnerships work.


“From social workers to foster carers to teachers in short stay schools, training and development has played an essential role in helping them to transform the lives of the children in their care, and Sing Up’s strong workforce development program will continue this work beyond the pilots,” Chapman said.


查普曼說: ” 從社會工作者,寄養照顧到短暫停留學校的教師,培訓和發展也扮演了重要的角色,以使在他們的照顧之下 幫助他們改善兒童的生活,且開懷高歌發展計畫堅強的全體陣容也將繼續此工作以超越領航者。


(初稿 校閱中)

Young adults expected to boost savings

Young adults expected to boost savings



ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY: Almost 90 percent of survey respondents in the 18 to 30 age bracket were concerned about saving money, the highest of any age group


經濟的不確定性 : 18 30年齡組別的受訪者中有百分之九十幾乎都很關注儲蓄,是受訪年齡組群最高的

By Joyce Huang
Tuesday, Aug 04, 2009, Page 12
(Taipei Time)


Consumers in Asia — especially those aged below 30 — are expected to increase their already high saving rates, dampening hopes that Asians will spend more to offset the trade imbalance between the East and the West, a survey released yesterday by MasterCard Worldwide showed.


萬事達卡國際組織公司昨天公佈一項民調顯示:亞洲的消費者-特別是30 歲以下的人, 想再增加他們已經很高的存款率,此正降低亞洲人將消費更多以抵銷東西方貿易逆差的希望 。


Some 77 percent of respondents aged below 30 in 21 markets plan to save at either the same rate or a higher rate over the next six months. Meanwhile, 71 percent of respondents aged 56 and above said they also planned to keep saving.


21個市場中, 30歲以下的受訪者有百分之七十七計畫在未來半年想存相同或更高的比率。同時,56歲及以上的受訪者有百分之七十一表示他們也計畫繼續儲蓄。


In eight of the 21 markets, a majority of the 9,211 people surveyed were planning to save more in the coming six months.




Topping the list of savers was Vietnam, where 52 percent of respondents said they intended to save more over the next six months.


排名最前的是越南 約有百分之五十二的受訪者表示他們想在未來半年增加儲蓄。


That was followed by India at 47 percent, the United Arab Emirates at 47 percent, South Africa at 47 percent and New Zealand at 46 percent.

緊接在後的是印度佔有百分之四十七, 阿拉伯聯合大公國佔百分之四十七 南非佔百分之四十七 和紐西蘭佔百分之四十六。


In Taiwan, 24 percent of respondents said they would increase saving over the next six months and another 37 percent said they would maintain the same level. The remaining 39 percent — the highest percentage in the Asia-Pacific region — said they would save less, the survey said.



The main reasons respondents gave in Taiwan and other Asian markets for saving less were that their income was not high enough, inflation was too high or they wanted to spend more on enjoying life.


Some 70 percent of Taiwanese consumers said they wanted to save up in case of unforeseen emergency expenses in light of the economic uncertainty.

A total of 87 percent of respondents in the 18 to 30 age bracket were concerned about saving money, the survey showed — the highest of any age group.
1830歲年齡組別共有百分之八十七的受訪者很關注儲蓄 ,調查顯示-是所有的受訪年齡組群最高的

Taiwanese respondents also said they were saving for retirement, investments and buying property, while 23 percent planned to save between 1 percent and 10 percent of their incomes over the next six months.


In other markets, 95 percent of Thai respondents — the biggest proportion among markets in the region — expressed concern about the economic uncertainty, compared with 48 percent in China — the smallest proportion in the region.


“Our latest survey shows that the percentage of households saving for precautionary reasons has gone up. While the increase is slight, we are still seeing an uptrend and this has implications in terms of consumption in the region,” Hedrick Wong (
王月魂), economic adviser of MasterCard Worldwide in the Asia-Pacific region, said in a press statement.

萬事達卡國際組織亞太區域經濟顧問Hedrick Wong 在聲明中表示:我們最近的報告顯示為預防而儲蓄的家用存款比例已經提高。雖然增加很少,我們仍然看見上升趨勢,在這區域仍有牽連的含意。

As a result of the expected increase in the saving rate, MasterCard Worldwide estimated NT$1.2 trillion in domestic capital would sit idle, the statement said.

報告顯示,當存款率的預期結果增加,萬事達卡國際組織估計約有 1.2兆的家用資本將遭閒置。 (Old news; Charlene Yeh)




Jazz has been called America’s classical music, and for good reason.

Along with the blues, its forefather, it is one of the first truly indigenous musics to develop in America, yet its unpredictable, risky ventures into improvisation gave it critical cache with scholars that the blues lacked. At the outset, jazz was dance music, performed by swinging big bands. Soon, the dance elements faded into the background and improvisation became the key element of the music. As the genre evolved, the music split into a number of different styles, from the speedy, hard-hitting rhythms of be-bop and the laid-back, mellow harmonies of cool jazz to the jittery, atonal forays of free jazz and the earthy grooves of soul jazz. What tied it all together was a foundation in the blues, a reliance on group interplay and unpredictable improvisation. Throughout the years, and in all the different styles, those are the qualities that defined jazz.



    爵士樂有其適當的理由被稱為美國的古典音樂。與它的前身藍調一樣,它是第一個真正的在美國發展的本土音樂形式之一,但其調性莫測,大膽不假思索的即興創作正是藍調樂手們所缺乏的樂風速寫。爵士樂發展初始,是由搖擺大樂隊演奏的跳舞音樂。不久,舞蹈元素蛻變為幕後襯景,即興演繹成為樂曲關鍵的音素。隨著流派演變,音樂分成多個不同風格,從快感,重打擊樂節奏的咆踍爵士及輕鬆悠閒柔美和聲的酷()爵士 到以顫抖、無調的打擊樂嘗試為主的自由爵士和樸實意味濃烈的靈魂爵士,它是以藍調為基底。一組相互影響演奏團體和無法預測的即興表演組合而成。行之多年後,融合所有迥異風格,確立了爵士樂的特質。  (Charlene Yeh)